At Frosted Hill Equestrian we believe in building your credentials and certification for the safety and accountability of equestrian sport.  Our riding lesson curriculum is built on the principles of Equestrian Canada’s (EC) “Learn to Ride” program based on the current standard of riding and the Canadian Long- Term Equestrian Development model.  FHE is committed to delivering programs based on ECs Level 1-10 program and we would like to take you one step further by offering to you the opportunity to participate in the official national level examination process. Once certified riders hold their accreditation across Canada.

Learn to Ride Examination Workshop

This program is designed to bring students through Equestrian Canada’s “Learn to Ride” rider level program. Through this 8-session program students will be going over all the materials to be successful for the written and practical part of the evaluation that would not be learned in mounted riding lessons. Although this is not a mounted program our equine teammates will be used for practical demonstration and practice.

***If you do not know what level you are at or would like to challenge the levels please book an assessment lesson prior to the workshop to ensure learning at the appropriate level.

How it works:

-1 hour sessions once a week for 8 weeks

-At the end of the 8 weeks riders can choose to write and ride the provincial level exam

What you will need:

-Equestrian Canada English Rider Handbooks

-Stable Management in Canada

(All Manuals can be purchased through the following link) 

***Students are required to be a member of  Ontario Equestrian.*** 

Rider Examination Day

FHE offers the official rider examinations across Southern Ontario. Have us come to you or ship in to our home base facility in Lindsay, ON.